Hi readers. There’s been a bit of a vacation going on here, but the world of Quoridor is buzzing. We’ve got some new posts in the works here and the WQO November Tournament has moved into its semifinal round. Stay tuned for more great strategy and keep checking in for new and analysis about the…

WQO November Tournament Starts

The inaugural WQO tournament beings today. Check the main tournament page for brackets and updates. This is the first tournament for WQO, which is planning a series of tournaments leading up to crowning a world champion in the first quarter of next year. Good luck players!

World Quoridor Organization is launched

The World Quoridor Organization recently launched. What does this mean for you? Competitive Quoridor now has an organization promoting the growth of the game and fostering a community dedicated to playing Quoridor seriously. Check out the website and be sure to sign up for their inaugural tournament this November.