Where to play

If you can’t purchase a real copy of the game there are plenty of places to play on Mobile and the Web.



My favorite two places to play:

Vielen Games – A new look for Quoridor and a great UI. This is a growing community but there are some very active members so it’s usually easy to find a game.

Zaborr – This used to be the Quoridor app, but they recently reskinned and are still rebuilding the community. The app is excellent and provides a great online experience.

And one more definitely worth mentioning.

Maze Maker Duel – This app is great as a practice board because you can undo your moves. I don’t think they are supporting online multiplayer anymore.

There are a handful of other Quoridor apps out there but they feel like side projects. They mostly have UIs that get in the way of the gaming experience.


(I don’t have an Apple device, so I’d appreciate some consulting for this section)


  • Board Game Area (Great for finding a real life opponent, sometimes a bit buggy.)
  • Kworidor (Just found this place, still checking it out.)
  • Daniel Borowski Quoridor AI (Pretty easy but nice if you’re a beginner.)
  • Martijn (A Java app. It has a great UI and different difficulty levels but the higher levels take too long to move.)

One thought on “Where to play

  1. Hello everyone! I also develop a very simple but useful web version of Quoridor online for multiplayer, easy to use without registration, no ads, no installation; it is a raw html javascript code just for playing with a friend when you want. The link is quoridor.tk


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